Last night the Haymakers team was all over the place, and one of our stops was North Station to check in on the team at Combat Sports. I have to say that North Station on game night is one of my least favorite places to go, but on a non game night (like last night) it is actually quite nice. Anyway we met up with four of the five guys working out at Combat, and they all looked great! Make sure you are following all of their progress on our Facebook page, where you can see all of the latest pictures and videos of Team Combat. The highlight of the night was Nick trying to compete with "Shirtless" Ray from Nonantum on how many shirtless pictures they can get for the ladies... Make sure you get your tickets for this years event on May 17th at the House of Blues! Last year's event sold out, so don't wait. Jamie went though the conditioning class run by our friend Lee, before hopping in the ring to work on his technique. I got to say, I would never want to go through one of Lee's classes. They're BRUTAL! I think you should Donate to Jamie's cause just because of what he is putting his body through... Doug did a lighter workout yesterday after really pushing it over the weekend. Usually the janitors have to kick Doug out while they're trying close up the place! He did get a full workout in, it just wasn't a typical Doug workout that is usually 3 times what a normal person does. Please support all of Doug's hard work by going to his fundraising page and donating. Max has shown tremendous progress over the course of his training, and he is getting pretty slim! We almost didn't recognize him. Max got some sparring in with fellow participant Nick, and it was a true heavyweight showdown. Make sure to go to our Facebook page to check out the clip. Also, don't forget to Donate to Max, as he literally fights for a cure! As I said earlier, Nick is competing for the most shirtless pictures, and although he isn't quite at the level of "Shirtless" Ray, he is gaining on him. Nick looked as athletic as ever yesterday moving around with Max, and is going to be a force to be reckoned with on May 17th at the House of Blues! Please support Nick's efforts by making a Donation to help fight cancer.