Our final gym of the night was The Ring Boxing Club on Commonwealth Ave in Boston. There,we ran into five our guys (and girl!): newest fighter Stacey Frumm, Jim Ramella, Josh Dawson, and opponents Frankie Stavrianopoulos and Luke Owings! For more of our photos and videos of the night, make sure you check out our Facebook page!   Stacey, our newest fill-in due to injuries, was ready to work! We last saw her Thursday at her sparring match with her opponent, Jess. The fight went very well, and we learned that Stacey used to be a ballerina! From ballet to boxing... what a good story! Anyway, after she got her giggles out, Stacey found her mean face, and hit the mitts for a good while. To help Stacey with her fight, click here!   We saw Josh looking good hitting the bags, jumping rope, and shadow boxing. Josh also sparred on Thursday against Doug, and these guys were out for each other! They are sure to put up an exciting match! To help Josh with his fight, click here!   Frankie was also making his way around the gym. He knew his opponent, Luke, was there, so he put his mean face on immediately! Honestly though, the two of them are adorable together! Frankie even gave Luke a ride home (Awww)! Even so, neither wants to lose and you'll have to be sure to keep up with this rivalry. To help Frankie with his fight, click here!   Luke, on the other hand, sparred with Jim for one fast-paced round. Both of these guys went full throttle for three minutes- check it out for yourself here! Anyway, like we said, Luke and Frankie skipping down Comm Ave together was definitely the highlight of the night! To help Luke with his fight click here!   After sparring, Jim wasn't ready to go home. He got back in the ring to hit to mitts for a few rounds, and then made his way to the bags for a few more. We can for sure tell Jim played defensive end, because his feet are almost as fast as Road Runner's! With just a few weeks left to train, we're sure Jim and his opponent, Nick are going to be a contender for fight of the night! To help Jim with his fight, click here, and be sure to see all of our fighters at House of Blues Boston on May 17th for Haymakers for Hope's Rock n' Rumble!