During the coming months, we’ll be highlighting our fighters in training for the upcoming Rock ‘N Rumble X in Boston on May 14th. They’ve committed to four months of fundraising and training in preparation to get in the ring and literally fight for a cure. Whether their mom is battling, their father has passed or their friend has put up a victory against the disease – they’ve all got a story to tell and they’ve all got a reason to fight. Below you’ll hear from Ryan Hansen, fighting out of Grealish Boxing.

Where are you from?
West Haven, Connecticut

Where’d you go to college?
Endicott College in Beverly, MA

Did you play any sports growing up?
Yes, I played hockey and baseball growing up through High School and I played hockey in college.

What do you do for work?
I work in sales at Datadog

Why boxing? Did you ever picture yourself fighting?
My father - Dynamite Dave Hansen - and for the sweat! I initially picked up boxing classes about a year ago because they are offered through my gym membership at the Equinox. I was looking for a new workout that would help me get a good sweat in but it was because of my father that I initially got curious about boxing. He used to box in the 80's and would tell me stories about how awesome the workouts were. He's got some cool pictures that he would show me from his days during training. There's a couple cool ones from his single welterweight fight and some other ones of him posing alongside Larry Holmes and Aaron Pryor... And no, I didn't think I'd end up stepping into the ring to fight when I initially put the gloves on.

Why on earth did you sign up to fight??
The main reason; because of how unique the opportunity to participate in Haymakers is. I'm doing it as a way to honor my family members and friends who have battled (and still battle) cancer. Also, it's a really cool way for me to test myself - I think that by putting myself in a vulnerable position that's outside of my comfort zone, the entire experience will translate to personal benefits and lessons gained in life and in business.

You’re stepping in the ring to literally fight for a cure - where are you drawing your inspiration from? How has cancer affected you?
I've never been someone who needs a ton of outside inspiration in order to pursue something new and challenging but with this event, there's definitely some personal experiences that have pushed me to fight. I lost both grandmothers and an aunt to cancer which had a big impact on how I view the disease.

What is going to be the most difficult thing to give up during your training? (beer, cheeseburgers, time spent watching TV?)
I think the most difficult thing that I've given up has been my free time during the week. With my training and work schedule, I'm usually starting my day on the treadmill around 6:30am, heading into the office for 9 hours, and then heading to Grealish Boxing Club in Dorchester where I train for another 2 hours. By the time my day is over at about 8:30pm, I'm rushing home to eat dinner and haven't stopped moving since waking up. Doesn't leave me with a ton of time to spend doing much else, but thankfully things are usually a bit more relaxed during the weekend.

When you’re not throwing punches and training -- what other hobbies/interests do you have?
I love to spend time outside, especially in the summer when I can get on the water and go fishing. I also enjoy hanging out at our house in Cape Cod and having friends come stay for a long weekend.

Who do you think is the most excited to watch you get punched in the face come fight night?
Hahah - I hope no one. But maybe my brother Austin, just so he can chirp me afterwards and say "damn Ryan, that kid dusted you". I'm sure there's also an ex-girlfriend or two out there who wouldn't mind seeing it ;)

Check out his fundraising page and be sure to wish him luck! Best of luck, Ryan!