During the coming months, we’ll be highlighting our fighters in training for the upcoming Rock ‘N Rumble X in Boston on May 14th. They’ve committed to four months of fundraising and training in preparation to get in the ring and literally fight for a cure. Whether their mom is battling, their father has passed or their friend has put up a victory against the disease – they’ve all got a story to tell and they’ve all got a reason to fight. Below you’ll hear from Jonathan Giordano, fighting out of Haverhill Downtown Boxing.

Where are you from?
Originally from Revere but now live in Groveland Ma

Where’d you go to college?
I did some time at Suffolk University but got into the trades and become a cement mason.

Did you play any sports growing up?
Played Soccer as a little guy, Basketball and Football as a teen.

What do you do for work?
I own and run a decorative custom concrete flooring company with my brother but in the last few years have become a chef/recipe developer as well.

Why boxing? Did you ever picture yourself fighting?
Never ever.... I was inspired by my wife who has discovered the sport through Haymakers and has gone on to continue her amateur boxing career. In the last few years I have tried my best to live outside my comfort zone. This is way outside.

Why on earth did you sign up to fight??
We have all experienced the effects of cancer in some way. Either sitting beside a hospital bed or in one. After witnessing several Haymakers events and knowing what an incredible charity they are I decided it's my turn to do my part.

You’re stepping in the ring to literally fight for a cure - where are you drawing your inspiration from? How has cancer affected you?
My Auntie Bea fought a long battle against the disease and lost to it 5 years ago. I fight for her and my cousin Pam who was just diagnosed shortly before I signed up.

What is going to be the most difficult thing to give up during your training? (beer, cheeseburgers, time spent watching TV?)
Free time.... it is now spent in the boxing gym... all of it!

When you’re not throwing punches and training -- what other hobbies/interests do you have?
I love cooking. A few years ago because of some weight related health issues, I needed to change my lifestyle. That is when I I decided to get in the kitchen. I have come up with some pretty cool recipes that have helped a lot of people on their own weight loss and wellness journeys.

Who do you think is the most excited to watch you get punched in the face come fight night?
My plan is to not get punched in the face but I am sure that there is a long list that would like to see that happen.

Check out his fundraising page and be sure to wish him luck! Best of luck, Jonathan!