As I walked around sulking for about 48 hours last week post-fight, I found myself defaulting to "It wasn't the result we were looking for" when asked how the fight went. As my moderately bruised ego healed throughout the weekend however, the selfishness of "It wasn't the result we were looking for" really begun to dawn on me. (for those currently unaware, the fight went the distance to the judges and I lost a decision)

$1,118,465.01 in funds raised for cancer research in one night! That was exactly the result we were looking for (including $47,170.00 from all you gracious supporters). Give your head a shake, Stew!

As I dwell back on the experience, a couple quick thoughts & comments to wrap up… 

  • The professionalism of the entire event far exceeded my wildest expectations. I fully intend to ingratiate myself next year in the event as a volunteer/spectator, that is for sure. Perhaps someone from TD will even step up and take up the challenge…?
  • The adrenaline rush leading up to and during the fight also blew me away. While a hockey fight certainly gets the heart rate pumping, they materialize in a split second and are often over before you even know it's begun, so it's hard to compare.
  • My respect for professional fighters has gone through the roof after experiencing a little bit what what's required, mentally and physically, to prepare for a fight.
  • $1,000,000 is a lot of money … it's really a lot of money …

Thank You section (I lack the proper poetic acumen necessary to verbalize just how grateful I really am…

My trainer Simeon Hardy and the rest of the crew at Gotham Gym – One of the greatest takeaways for me personally in this all is the life-long friendship I've forged with you Simmy 

The other fighters from Gotham – for pushing me all along the way

The founders, organizers and volunteers from Haymakers for Hope –  for sacrificing your time and effort and making this night so special

Friends and family that came out to watch the fight live – it was a special soiree to spend with you all

Dr. Rathkopf – for her dedication and passion devoted to fighting this awful disease

My girlfriend, Maite – for putting up with my complaining and moodiness for 3 months

All of my donors – Again, I really don't know how to thank you all. I started out targeting a $10,000 fundraising goal … how much I underestimated you all! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Knowing what I know now about everything; the nerves, the soreness, the headaches, the anxiety, the hours spent in the gym, the 4:30am alarm clocks, the disappointment in hearing the judges verdict, all of it … if you came to me right now and told me I had to do it all over again for 3 months and I could raise another $50,000, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. And again and again and again.

Thanks again to you all, and please see some pictures below of the venue/fight for those that couldn't be there. (They provide us all with a professionally filmed video of the fight in the coming weeks, shoot me an email if you'd like to see that when I get it.)

Stew "The Garbage Man" Paterson