You’ve heard who they are and why they’re fighting. But now that we’re over the halfway mark until the big night on October 10th, things have started to pick up a bit. Training is getting more intense. They’ve been punched in the face. Most have had a bloody nose here or there, their diets have changed, and boxing is becoming an everyday part of their lives. So we figured it was about time to check back in and see how things have been going. Denise Lavino has been putting in work at Jim McNally Boxing and below you’ll hear about her first time sparring and more about her experience with Haymakers thus far.

We’re halfway to fight night, how is your training coming along?
The training is going really well BUT it is getting harder!

What is your weekly routine?
Wake up, gym, come home, shower, cook dinner, get ready for work, see personal trainer, sleep!!

How has your diet changed since training began?
Really not much, I am a healthy eater to begin with, just eating alot more of the healthy stuff!

Tell us about your first-time sparring, different than expected?
Whoa....First time was really tuff, not what I expected but pushed through it, said I'm not giving up, and here I am countless sparring sessions later!

What has been the most challenging part of sticking to the routine and training so far?
I honestly have not had any challenges sticking to my routine, I know it's got to be done to be where I want to be and that's the thought process I have to keep me pushing through!!

What does your family think of your participation?
Pretty much everyone is on board with what I am doing especially my husband who has been amazing through this whole process, right by my side, and has seen the blood, the sweat, and tears!! He pushes me, helps me, & listens to all my

It’s amazing how many people’s lives have been touched by cancer in some way - has there been anyone that has surprised you by their story?
Yes, a member of my boxing who I have seen numerous amount of times and in passing has said hello or has waved to me asked me one day if she could have a few minutes of my time & we sat down and she explained to me how she is a cancer survivor and how honored she felt that I was doing Haymakers, she hugged me and told me she will never forget what I did for her any many others

Has your initial inspiration changed since the start of your training?
Absolutley not!!

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