When Mike Zabik climbed into the ring for his bout in the 2019 New York City Haymakers for Hope Fight Night, he wore the phrase “Hundo P” on his outfit. He pointed me to UrbanDictionary.com for the definition: “One hundred percent.” 

The idea’s a fitting one for Mike, both in and out of his life as a boxer. Zabik’ has a successful career in private equity he travels the world for his work but still makes a point of being home for most bedtimes with his wife and their 5-year-old twins. He’s a former triathlete, and when his father passed away several years ago, used his athleticism to raise money for causes he believes in. 

“When my Dad died, I was looking for a way to give back, so I tried Cycle for Survival. They’ve raised millions of dollars for Memorial Sloan Kettering. I started boxing a few years back and saw people wearing Haymakers for Hope shirts around Mendez Gym. When I heard it was boxing for cancer I was really interested in getting involved. Once I found out you get to pick the charity you donate to, I was all in.”

Mike knew right away he wanted to give back to Memorial Sloan Kettering. “I have a bunch of friends who have been sick or treated there. Some who didn’t make it some that survived. It has such a special place in my heart. Watching firsthand what they do, it’s a no-brainer to donate there. I love that I’ll get to donate to a specific program because I want to know where the money is going. They have a program that helps you pick a specific doctor or research program. You can go to events and really talk to the people who’ll receive the money and see the impact it can make.”

Mike and his donors will be making a huge difference; as of Fight Night they raised over $128,000 to KOCancer. Most fighters at the New York City event set a goal to raise $10,000, but Mike knew immediately that he’d aim higher. “I never do anything half-assed, so  I set a really crazy goal. I’m only going to do this once, so I emailed my friends and family and colleagues asking them to help me reach $100,000 for cancer research.”

A hundo p indeed.