You’ve heard who they are and why they’re fighting. But now that we’re over the halfway mark until the big night on October 9th, things have started to pick up a bit. Training is getting more intense. They’ve been punched in the face. Most have had a bloody nose here or there, their diets have changed, and boxing is becoming an everyday part of their lives. So we figured it was about time to check back in and see how things have been going. Allison Picott has been putting in work at Back Bay Boxing and below you’ll hear about her first time sparring and more about his experience with Haymakers thus far.

We’re halfway to fight night, how is your training coming along?
It's all coming together - learning how to box, the fitness training, and the weight loss. I'm feeling good and am pleased with my progress!

What is your weekly routine?
Three times a week, I take a Boxing Technique class at Back Back Boxing (high intensity interval training followed by mitt/glove work) and once a week I stay for sparring. And when I am not boxing, I’m working out with a personal trainer twice a week. Every weekend, I go (at least once, sometimes twice) to BDY SQD for an assisted stretch and every other week I see my acupuncturist.

How has your diet changed since training began?
I've been working with Brittani, a Stronger U nutritionist since mid-April and since I began my training, I've worked very closely with her on helping me to maintain good nutritional habits while working towards my weight loss goal. Brittani has been great helping me to adjust my macros so I have good energy when working out and am not starving throughout the day or when I go to bed.

Tell us about your first-time sparring, different than expected?
I'd taken like 2 Boxing Technique classes before stepping into the ring to spar. I didn't know what to expect or even really how to box, but I wasn't scared. I got hit and got in some good hits, too. I guess I was surprised by how much I liked it!

What has been the most challenging part of sticking to the routine and training so far?
I haven't found it a challenge sticking to a routine or training. I make it a priority and fortunately I have a very supportive and understanding husband and friends.

What does your family think of your participation?
They are 100% on board! They are so excited for me and have been really impressed to see how dedicated I've been and by my improvement in such a short period of time.

It’s amazing how many people’s lives have been touched by cancer in some way - has there been anyone that has surprised you by their story?
My friend, Katharine, was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer back in January. She was so sick and her medical problems were so complicated, we didn't know if she would make it. She's now back home and getting ready to return back to work on a part-time basis. Her cancer is thankfully being managed. Katharine has had an incredible attitude and sense of humor about the whole situation - even when she was just out of the ICU and barely able to communicate. She is SO excited that I am participating in Belles of the Brawl VII and it means so much to me that she will be in the audience on October 9th cheering me on!

Has your initial inspiration changed since the start of your training?
When I started training, I was drawing inspiration from my own breast cancer battle and that of my friend Katharine's. Sadly, in early July, I went to the funeral of a childhood friend who died of a rare cancer just 9 months after being diagnosed. Mike was 47, married with two teenaged daughters; he was an awesome person, full of life, and was someone who was loved by so many. And so I think of Mike often - either on my way to Back Bay Boxing or while I am training.

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