During the coming months, we’ll be highlighting our fighters in training for the upcoming Belles of the Brawl VII in Boston on October 9th. They’ve committed to four months of fundraising and training in preparation to get in the ring and literally fight for a cure. Whether their mom is battling, their father has passed or their friend has put up a victory against the disease – they’ve all got a story to tell and they’ve all got a reason to fight. Below you’ll hear from Jocelyn Keider, fighting out of EverybodyFights.

Where are you from?
Los Angeles, California

Where’d you go to college?

Did you play any sports growing up?
Yep! I loved most team sports, and played volleyball, softball, and lacrosse. That is actually one of the things I'm most excited about with Belles; I'm looking forward to training with the other women from my gym and finding ways to support each other through this journey.

What do you do for work?
I'm a lawyer. I currently work at a large firm and do a variety of business-related litigation including securities litigation and antitrust litigation. Another rewarding part of my practice is pro bono work, which has allowed me to work on immigration cases, a civil rights case, and to represent survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Why boxing? Did you ever picture yourself fighting?
Hah! No, I did not picture myself fighting. I started boxing about a year ago, when I was going through a really stressful period of my life. Boxing was really therapeutic and was a wonderful way for me to get out some of that negative energy. It also helped me feel more strong and confident, which was HUGE because I was struggling with bad anxiety and depression. One of the reasons I stuck with boxing was the mental aspect -- it is incredibly physically challenging, but also requires your full concentration in a way that is really freeing!

Why on earth did you sign up to fight??
Over the last year, boxing has helped me find a strength I didn't know I had, or at the very least a strength I had lost sight of years ago. I signed up to fight in order to take that training and dedication to a new level, and to do so for a cause and a purpose that is bigger than myself. Haymakers for Hope has a saying, "not every fight ends at the bell." That rings so true for me in the context of mental health, but I feel so fortunate that my physical health allows me to use boxing as a coping mechanism, as an outlet, and as way to participate in a community that supports me and motivates me. For anyone battling cancer, that may not be the case. I don't take my physical health for granted, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be ABLE to train and fight. I want to help raise awareness and raise money so that someday, cancer won't be able to take anyone's physical health from them. Let's #KOCancer!

You’re stepping in the ring to literally fight for a cure - where are you drawing your inspiration from? How has cancer affected you?
I have several close family members who have fought cancer, including my mother in law and brother in law, and multiple grandparents. I can only imagine the strength it took to fight their battles, especially my brother in law who was diagnosed in middle school...I mean come on universe, being a teenager is hard enough! Because both my husband and I have had family members with cancer, I'm also fighting for our futures and our future kids, because you never know when you'll be on the other end of that life-changing news. For all those out there who have battled this ugly disease--you are the true fighters and I am so inspired by your determination and strength. I'm fighting for Nana Ronnie, Kim, John, Gitch & the Pritchett fam, WR, and last but not least, for Jim, who I continue to see in the gym almost every day putting in the work, and whose big heart and compassion for others inspires everyone at EBF.

What is going to be the most difficult thing to give up during your training? (beer, cheeseburgers, time spent watching TV?)
White Claw Mango hard seltzer...lol. JK, jk. In all seriousness, it will probably be hardest to give up precious down time with my spouse and pup in order to spend more time training.

When you’re not throwing punches and training -- what other hobbies/interests do you have?
I love hiking and camping, landscape photography, and traveling to visit friends and family (particularly those still in CA).

Who do you think is the most excited to watch you get punched in the face come fight night?
Probably my fight fam: Danny, Rob, Laura, haha. And then my husband David...definitely David.

Check out her fundraising page and be sure to wish her luck! Best of luck, Jocelyn!