We’re less than 2 weeks away from fight night and as the fighters are in the final stretch we wanted to get in their head and see how they’re feeling about the upcoming bout on May 15th. Jon Pastor is ready for fight night. Learn a little more about his training, and what he’s looking forward to after getting out of that ring!

What has been the most surprising thing so far about your journey to fight night?
The overall transformation. It's pretty cool looking back on what I've gone through preparing for May 15th and where I started to where things are now.

Tell us about your trainer… 
My trainers are awesome guys. Mark and Matt Nolan at Nolan Bros Boxing have been incredible coaches, mentors, motivators, and trainers throughout the entire process. I wouldn't change a thing with how they've gotten me (and the other H4H crew) ready for May 15.

Have you had any injuries so far? How have you overcome those?
A gentleman never tells.... I stubbed my toe yesterday though. That sucked.

Have you hit your fundraising goal yet? What has surprised you most about fundraising for an event like this?
I definitely hit my initial goal and passed it! It's incredible and humbling seeing the amount of money raised and how people have rallied behind me. I still really want to get another $5k or so to pass $40,000!

How do you imagine the day leading up to your fight?
I'm envisioning May 15th being the longest day of my life. I plan to do as much as possible to keep my mind off everything until getting to HOB and weigh ins. Maybe go see Avengers to kill 3 hours... literally anything to keep myself occupied.

Are you nervous? What are you most nervous about?
I don't get too riled up and really aren't too nervous going into the home stretch. At this point I'm just conscious of making weight. I've lost 35 pounds already and still have a few more to get to target. I know I'll be fine but after hitting my fund raising goal and feeling comfortable with training/conditioning it's really the last thing to worry about.

What do you think you’ll do immediately after your fight? What’s going to be your first meal?
Pizza. I've even gone to lengths plotting a pizza delivery to the HOB but figured my fellow fighters would not appreciate it.

What is your boxing nickname if you have one? How did you get it?
The Jewish Juggernaut! Past roommates coined that bad boy a few years ago and it just seemed perfect. The Hebrew Hammer is played out so wanted it to be unique. Be on the lookout for peeps rockin Juggernaut shirts at HOB!

Do you think you’ll continue to box/train after Haymakers is over?
I'll definitely keep up with boxing moving forward. Not sure how much I'll continue competitively but I'll box, train, and spar with the Nolans moving forward. Maybe even a couple smokers here and there.

What advice would you give anyone who is interested in signing up to KO cancer? 
100% do it; It'll change your life. It's a huge commitment and a challenging endeavor but there truly is nothing more rewarding than the impact you're making. Keep in mind that's coming from someone who hasn't even officially gotten in the ring for the main event yet!

Good luck, Jon!