On the fence about signing up for the 7th annual Belles of the Brawl on October 9th? It's okay - most of us alumni were too. Which is why we came up with 10 reasons why YOU should step into the ring to #KOCancer! If you’re not clicking submit by the end of this blog then 1. You’re a dude and just are waiting for next year's Rock ‘N Rumble sign ups, 2. You want to donate to Haymakers but aren’t quite ready to get in the ring or 3. You’ve already fought and if you could you would submit your name all over again. But in all seriousness – if you’re still undecided about signing up, check out some reasons we think might help convince you.

1. You Get in amazing shape.
This one might seem obvious but there is a reason all those celebrities out there are getting in the ring. Boxing is a killer workout – arms, abs, core, cardio – all of it! Four months of hardcore training will get you in the best shape of your life.

2. You are truly fighting to help knockout cancer.
You will train each day knowing that every dollar you raise is going to help a real cause, a real person that is going through so much more than your mental and physical pain.

3. You will have more belief in yourself and in your body’s ability than you ever thought possible.
Boxing is no joke, there are very serious risks that come with this sport. It pushes you to your limits, mentally, emotionally, physically. It will test every bone in your body – but when you come out on the other side, you’ll be more confident in yourself than you thought you could be before.

4. Your friends will think you’re a total bad ass.
When was the last time you knew someone that willingly signed up to get punched in the face? Well… maybe you know some Haymaker's alumni or you’re already in a boxing gym. But it’s likely that you’ll become the talk among all your friends. And you’ll have some serious street cred.

5. You will meet other bad ass women.
Not only will you get to meet these women, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get to call many of them your friends. Training for Haymakers alongside other fighters who are training or alumni who have been through it already is truly amazing. Punching another person in the face really helps you appreciate their friendship.????

6. It’s a very genuine experience in a safe environment.
You'll be matched up with a gym, a trainer, and have an expert team who will pair you with an opponent of similar attributes. We take your safety very seriously, and while there are obvious risks that come with a sport like boxing, you will have some of the best training and best people surrounding you to provide an amazing experience.

7. It’s an incredible fundraising platform.
Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of amazing 5Ks, marathons, walks, out there – Haymakers for Hope is truly a unique experience. People will come out of the woodworks to support you, whether they buy a ticket to see you on fight night at the House of Blues or donate to your fundraising page, you’ll be truly humbled by those who get behind you and your cause.

8. Awesome swag and gear.
We have amazing partners that generously donate some pretty sweet swag and gear, from footwear to mouth guards, gloves and wraps to t-shirts. You’ll be seriously hooked up by the end of the four months.

9. Because cancer fucking sucks.
Sorry for the F-bomb but it’s true. We all know someone whether it be a family member, friend, co-worker, that has been affected by cancer and that is a seriously shitty thing. Unless you’ve been through it yourself, there is no way to truly understand what someone battling cancer goes through. But by stepping in the ring for Haymakers you’ll be fighting for so much more than a W.

10. It will change your life.
You might think we’re exaggerating here but it's true. The four months of training, the endless time in the gym, the encouragement from friends, family, and strangers, it will truly make an impact on you greater than anything I can explain.

So now that you’ve read these….why wouldn’t you!? Alright, we hope by now you're convinced, so head on over to the sign-up sheet here and sign up for what’s sure to be the best four months yet!