During the coming months, we’ll be highlighting our fighters in training for the upcoming Rumble in the Rockies II on June 6th. They’ve committed to four months of fundraising and training in preparation to get in the ring and literally fight for a cure. Whether their mom is battling, their father has passed or their friend has put up a victory against the disease – they’ve all got a story to tell and they’ve all got a reason to fight. Below you’ll hear from Sean Crotty, fighting out of Ultimate Combat Training Center.

Where are you from?
Dayton, OH by way of Salt Lake City.

Where’d you go to college?
Mount St. Joseph

Did you play any sports growing up?
Football & Hockey

What do you do for work?
Business Owner and Board Chair for Foundation (The Red Fred Project)

Why boxing? Did you ever picture yourself fighting?
Not at all. I'm a sensitive soul. I was always be the rational one in my family and amongst my friends. I'm the guy that suggested we all sit down to celebrate our differences over a hookah or some self-development activity. I've always been the fella who was breaking up the fight and telling everyone to take a breath.

Why on earth did you sign up to fight??
This is a beautiful opportunity to raise awareness for the foundation I serve as the board chair for. I also have managed public health programs in developing countries where blood diseases literally have ZERO funding in most areas. As part of the responsibility for what I have seen is to spread education and awareness.

You’re stepping in the ring to literally fight for a cure - where are you drawing your inspiration from? How has cancer affected you?
I have been fortunate to find family all over the world. I have had family suffer from lack of funding for their disease or a broken medical model that treats symptoms and not the actual disease. These days are done for me and frankly, I will do whatever the hell I have to find funding and educate the general public on what is happening all over the world.

What is going to be the most difficult thing to give up during your training? (beer, cheeseburgers, time spent watching TV?)
I don't look at it like this. This isn't an attempt at martyrdom. It's a no bullshit answer. It won't be difficult if you draw an honest parallel on why we are doing this. I can suck up any discomforts for a temporary time in order to have the results of this journey. That result is fundraising for our foundation. It's not about what I am going through. This is outcome based. Not eating a pizza or drinking an IPA isn't a thing. We are granted luxuries on a daily basis.

When you’re not throwing punches and training -- what other hobbies/interests do you have?
Being in the mountains has always been really cathartic. Backcountry skiing with my partner and trying to keep up with her. She is my rock. I like activities that scare the shit out of me. Boxing is no different. Bad guitar playing, reading, mountain biking and other mountain activities. I'm a serial hobbyist and would take up crochet classes if it came into my frame. I also babytalk my dog up to 60 mins a day, so there's that.

Who do you think is the most excited to watch you get punched in the face come fight night?
I love this question. I would assume the family of the fella I will be fighting. I'm a sensitive dude so there's a strong possibility I will find his wife and mother after and apologize. I'm dead serious.

Check out his fundraising page and be sure to wish him luck! Best of luck, Sean!