Signing up for Haymakers for Hope takes a bit of courage. Not really sure what you’re signing yourself up for? Before you read any further check out the program details to see what the four months look like. Already have an idea of what you're in for but still have a few more questions? We’ve rounded up the questions people most frequently ask as they are considering signing up for Haymakers for Hope.

What if I’ve never boxed before?
No problem! Many of our participants have never even put on boxing gloves let alone step into a boxing gym. That's the beauty of Haymakers, we take a sport that can be intimidating for some and make it very approachable. So don’t let having zero experience in the boxing world stop you from signing up!

What if I’m not already in a gym? Do we get automatically assigned to a gym or can I choose?
Not to worry! We set you up with a gym membership and a trainer. We work with you to find the right fit for a gym, whether you want to be close to work or home. All of the gyms we work with in Boston, NYC and Denver are all very passionate about helping Haymakers reach their full potential throughout training.

How often is training?
Training is what you make it, however most of our fighters are in the gyms 5-6 days per week. If selected we pair you with a gym and coach and you will work with them to determine your schedule. It’s often said that the most conditioned fighter is the one who walks away with the W come fight night. Boxing training is accompanied by a lot of cardio whether that be running, biking, etc.

What is the level of commitment?
Training for a fight is largely a physical commitment, working out, fueling your body with the correct food in order to get to your fight weight. However the commitment to fundraising is also very important. Each fighter has a minimum fundraising commitment that they must reach.

How will I meet the required fundraising minimum?
Reaching and surpassing your fundraising goal is achieved through a combination of donations, ticket sales, sponsorships, and matching gifts. You’ll probably be surprised by how many people are willing to pony up to see you get punched in the face for an amazing cause!

Can I choose where the money I raise goes?
Yes! Fighters are allowed to select a 501c3 of their choice that supports research, care, awareness and/or survivorship. Mark Avery our Director will work with you to make sure the charity of your choice falls under our guidelines. 100% of your straight donations and matching gifts will be allocated directly to a benefiting organization! Don’t have a specific charity but want to raise money for a specific type of Cancer? We have a large list of beneficiaries to select from and we’ll make sure you choose the right one!

Do I need to be on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?
Nope! If you’re on one of these platforms they are a great way to promote your training and fundraising, however, it’s not a requirement. Recently accepted as a fighter and want to get in on the social action? Jordan our Marketing Guru can help you get set up and show you the ropes.

When do sign ups close?
Sign ups for Rock ‘N Rumble IX will close on Friday, December 21st.

When will I find out if I was accepted or not?
Participants will find out if they’ve been selected or not about 6-10 days after sign ups close.

Got more questions? Be sure to check out the Program Details or shoot us an email to!