32 women are in training for the Belles of the Brawl in Boston on October 10th.  Over the next three months they’re fundraising, shadowboxing, sparring, running, jumping rope, doing all they can trying to drop those lbs to hit weight on fight night and walk away with a W.  Which means that as they’re preparing for the big night, there are a few things they’ll have to sacrifice to be physically and mentally ready to get in the ring.  We were curious what those sacrifices were so we asked them what the hardest things to give up would be, whether it be beer, staying up late or the most difficult of all - tacos. Check out what some of our fighters had to say…

White. Chocolate. Chips.
-Sophie Morgan

Honestly, wine, going on super awkward first dates, and sleep!!
-Lauren Weishaar

Loco’s burnt end tacos and coco margs.
-Carolyn Malloy

The most difficult thing for me to give up during training has been chocolate covered almonds. However, I stopped eating them and immediately lost 2 pounds, which is horrifying. I actually enjoy eating healthy so my biggest challenge will be trying to hit my goal weight while maintaining my strength!
-Alex Kelleher

Tredwell's Ice Cream Sunday :(
-Emily Harney

Quality time with my Golden Retriever, Walter. No joke. The after work snuggles have been put on hold. :P
-Jenna Taylor

French fries!!! I love French fries!!!
-Paula Sullivan

Oy... summertime is brutal! With barbecues galore, and patio season in full swing, it's going to be difficult to pass up after-work drinks, pizza, and all of those tempting treats... The spontaneous venture to Fenway Park for a weeknight game is no longer an option and I'll certainly miss a chocolate dipped waffle cone filled with coffee oreo ice cream... I should probably stop before I start drooling.
-Claudia Rosenbaltt

Sweets! I have a crazy sweet tooth, but I want to commit to eating real whole clean foods while I train to get myself in the best place possible come fight night!
-Brittany Wilton

Nothing. I enjoy every second of misery when training for anything :)
-Molly Falconer

My time is the most difficult to balance, first I am a mother of 19yr old twin boys, second I am a wife, third I have a full-time job & last and most important for the next 4 months is my training schedule. I am very passionate about everything I do and I am very focused and that is most importantly the reasons why I hope to succeed in this journey.
-Denise Lavino

-Jane Annis

Bourbon and chicken wings!
-Kiley Horne

Without a doubt beer and wine!
-Stacy MacQuarrie

Ice cream, Dunkin coffee rolls, and beer.
-Allie Lawler

I REALLY really really miss sleep and my dogs and my family. I'm out of the house early in the morning and back late at night. I also really miss my brain having space for things other than H4H and training. The amount I've worn the same shirt to the gym/haven't washed my wraps because I've forgotten to do laundry...scary stuff. Stay far, far away.
-Jillian Gundersheim

Honestly, I'm a weight training junkie. Making that mindset shift in training has been the biggest so far.
-Stephanie Rokitowski

-Grace Bloodwell

WINE. Absolutely the wine. And the every once in a blue moon chocolate cravings.
-Brianna Savard

Ice cream for sure – how can you not eat ice cream all summer?
-Tracy Deforge

French fries and sleeping in. Hands down two of my favorite things.
-Kayla Shea

I'm not a night person so the late night training sessions are going to be a challenge, I'm usually in bed by 8pm!
-Alyssa Cote

Time with my boyfriend. Going to the gym to spar late makes very little free time to see him but he is very supportive.
-Natalie Moore