The first look at the clubs and coaches preparing fighters for the Rumble in the Rockies

Haymakers for Hope has officially landed in Colorado. Training for the first-ever Rumble in the Rockies is well underway and there’s a whole new crop of gyms and coaches in the Haymakers family. Read on to get acquainted with the spots helping our fighters put in work for June 14.

Blunt Force Training

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This centrally located gym is giving downtown Denver fighters a unique approach to training. Blunt Force Training is in the Highlands neighborhood and features functional fitness workouts. It’s a great mix of boxing and crossfit with big chalkboard walls that highlight the workouts each day. Fighting out of Blunt Force Training guarantees a well-rounded training camp; if strength training, boxing, and run clubs aren’t enough of a challenge, there’s also an old-fashioned rope climb.

“From the moment you walk into Blunt Force, clients are greeted with a line from Rocky:’It’s not how hard you hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.’ Our fighters in the ring may not be the odds on favorite, but every single one will have the biggest heart and the drive to go the distance. Blunt Force takes a comprehensive approach to boxing from fundamentals, to footwork, to technique, to solid conditioning. From the opening bell, our boxers have put in the time, preparation and fight to outlast their opponents and leave it all in the ring.”- Blunt Force Training Coach Tiffany Coolidge

Catch Haymakers for Hope fighters Charlie Rice, Candy Knisely, William Palamet, Greg Preston, John Ehlinger, Seth Alexander, Nick Geditz, Ben Queen, and Brett Forrest prepping for June 14 at Blunt Force Training.

Bodies by Perseverance

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Don’t be fooled by Bodies by Perseverance’s cool, boutique studio. Their bootcamp-style classes will make you sweat and boxers fighting out of this gym are getting excellent endurance training. Bodies by Perseverance doesn’t have a ring, but their fighters are still getting sparring in by visiting partner gyms to get their work in. Owner Courtney Samuel is a draw for celebrity clients, too, so you never know who you’ll workout next to.

“The people at BBP all know each other without being clique-ish; it is easy to become part of the crew. There are physical freaks and people just starting, but there is no judgement or heirarchy. Not a great place to put on your coordinated gym attire and strut around like a gym hero looking for a date - my kind of place.” - Fighter Brian Shamas

Brian Shamas, Danny Maggard, Josh Siegel, Nadim Tannous, and Jessie Blake are training for the Rumble in The Rockies at Bodies by Perseverance.

The Corner Boxing Club

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This Boulder gym is classic boxing. Owners Carrie and Kirsten Barryare are veteran Colorado boxers and lauded as the best coaches in the state. Fighters at The Corner BC are in good company; the gym has its own charity boxing event and boxers from both cards are training together as a team. A major reason to train at The Corner? The focus on traditional boxing workouts means you’ll leave with impeccable technique.

“For all our fighters, the rule of thumb is that you get out what you put in. When you fully divote yourself to your training and your cause, you open yourself to receive not only the fruits of your training, but a greater meaning and purpose for your efforts. This means going above and beyond simply what is asked of you and giving your full focus even when no one’s watching. The fighters who embrace this mentality will find that their success is not limited by what happens in the ring; that it can be brought forth into every aspect of their life.” - The Corner BC Coach Carrie Barry

Fighters Alex Frank, Matthew Morrison, Stephanie Mernick, Alex Landy, Christian Rhiel and Candace Alai are putting in work at The Corner Boxing Club.

ToS Boxing

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ToS Boxing has style. This gym’s in a huge aircraft hangar-like building complete with turf field, a full-size ring, and a wall of fame that puts most champions to shame. The Englewood gym is owned by DaVarryl (who has the self-proclaimed “strongest right hand in the world”).

“Commander Williamson and his team are always pushing for the best from everyone. They have an intense environment but are able to keep it fun, most workouts fly by and they take the time to learn their students.” - Fighter Shawn Queenan

You can find Haymakers fighters Troy Orzech, Dan Martin, and Shawn Queenan prepping for their fights with suicides, pull ups, jump ropes, and more classic boxing workouts at ToS.

Topeira BC

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In Denver’s Art District, Topeira BC fighters are leveling up — literally. Boxers here start out with Level 1 memberships where they learn the basics of the sweet science, then graduate to Level 2 to focus on sparring and more defensive styles of boxing. These workouts are designed for serious fight preparation.

Andrew Nemechek, Pedro Ramos, Luis Ovalle, and Mike Brown are representing Haymakers for Hope at Topeira BC.

House of Pain East

Boxing coach Berndog has been on the Denver fight scene for years. He started House of Pain East with lots of nonprofit and youth programs in mind, but the gym’s become a hub for all types of boxers near the Parkhill neighborhood. House of Pain is new and beautiful; the top-of-the-line equipment is from Berdog’s own company.

“One of my favorite sayings is that a good boxer is a good listener. And one that is there five or seven days a week.” - House of Pain’s Coach Berndog

Come Fight Night, Heather Carr and Jason Badgley will fight out of House of Pain East.