Last night the Haymakers team made their way over to North Station to catch up with the team training at Combat Sports Boston. Totally forgot that there was a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at the Garden, so it took over half an hour to find a parking spot! Finally after our fourth or fifth trip down Canal St. we found a sick spot right in front of Hurricane O'Reilly's. Anyways back to boxing. We met up with four out of five of the fighters training at Combat, and they all got in a hard workout. With a little over a week left until the event all of the fighters are trying to get in a few last really tough workouts before starting to taper down and get ready for May 17th at House of Blues! After a pretty extensive warm up (it's tough when you're 41) Max did several rounds of sparring and drill sparring. Max has come a long way in such a short period of time. He's lost a ton of weight, his footwork looks incredible, and he is ripping off combinations that look like they aren't fun to stand in front of. Watching Max hop in the ring on May 17th is a can't miss, so make sure you purchase your ticket today! If you can't make it and would still like to contribute to Max's cause click here. Nick (who needs way less time to warm up then Max) got in a bunch of sparring, and then worked on some combinations on the mitts. Nick is super athletic and explosive, which allows him to really generate some force when he hits. For such a big guy, Nick moves incredibly quick, so it's really tough to get good pictures of him... Nick is fighting one of his former BC Football teammates, which is going to bring fireworks on May 17th! Make sure you purchase your ticket today, or if you can't attend make a donation to help Nick knockout cancer. Jamie has been a gym rat over the past four months, and it really shows. His improvement has been astronomical. Jamie sparred three rounds with Haymakers alum Christian Galvin, then got in some hard work on the heavy bag. His conditioning is top notch, and he is just one tough kid. Don't miss out on watching Jamie step into the ring to fight cancer on May 17th! Tickets can be purchased here or a donation to his cause can be made here. Doug did 8 hard rounds on the heavy bag before getting some mitt work in. He was putting together combinations like Ali! Well maybe not quite like Ali, but very impressive for four months of training. His conditioning and footwork have come a long way since January, and he is definitely ready to hop in the ring on May 17th to fight cancer. Tickets to watch Doug fight can be purchased here or a donation can be made here.