Wednesday night, we caught up with cousins Ray McCarthy and John Sementelli at Nonantum Boxing Club in Newton. Both guys came to fight, and fight they did! Ray went first, sparring a few rounds with a couple of different guys. We know Ray works extremely hard, and his effort shows more and more each time we see him. To see all of Ray's training photos click here!   Johnny Superstar had his turn next, and jumped in for a few rounds. John was still feeling the effects of Marathon Monday (and the three pounds he gained!) but it didn't show one bit. He says he's been working on footwork, and we can tell! To check out more of John's training photos, click here!   All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Ray comes back, and jumps in the ring with John! Being six inches and fifty pounds smaller, we thought RayRay was just a little nut-so. He proved us both right, and wrong by looking like a pitt bull! Neither guy held back, and by the end, we think we saw blood from three nostrils... To see a clip of their sparring session, click here!   With under a month to go, be sure you get your tickets to see Ray and to see John in Haymakers for Hope's Rock 'n Rumble at House of Blues on May 17th!!