Later Wednesday night, we headed over to Boston Boxing in Allston to see roommates Dan Matuszewski and Dave Walsh. Haymakers friend, Rob Maloof of Gauntlet Studios was also there to meet Dan and Dave. Rob was looking to shoot a mini-documentary and thought these two would be the perfect subjects, and we couldn't have agreed more! We are so impressed with Rob's photos, we decided to show you his instead of ours!   First off, we would like to congratulate Dave Walsh on running the 2012 Boston Marathon! D & D showed up for Ed's two hour team training class, and then were told to spar "three GOOD rounds." We didn't think they could pull it off, but Dan and Dave didn't go insane crazy! They both have calmed down in the ring, and throw good combinations at each other. After three rounds, Dave's nose was a little bloody, and Dan's face was a little swollen, but both were all smiles by the time they got in Dan's car to go home!     With less than a month to go, be sure to get your tickets to see Dan and to see Dave fight in Haymakers for Hope's Rock 'n Rumble at House of Blues on May 17th!!