I'm 31 years old, married, and the mama to a 16 month old little girl named Emmeline. I'm from Cumberland, RI and recently moved to North Attleboro, MA. I work as a corporate actions analyst for an investment management company in Boston. I'm also working on earning my MBA from Suffolk University. I've been working out at Striking Beauties for about 3 years now. I loved the boxing and the Muay Thai classes. The workouts were more challenging and more interesting than hitting the treadmill at those $10/month gyms. I was hooked on SB! I loved it so much that I was in boxing classes through my entire pregnancy. After having a baby I returned to boxing to lose the baby weight. Now that I'm training for Haymakers for Hope (H4H) life is crazy. My weekly routine consists of running, bootcamp classes, boxing classes, sparring, shadow boxing, and small group training sessions. Balancing family, work, school, and training has been tough to say the least. I wouldn't be able to train for this fight if I didn't have the full support of my husband, Josh, and my daughter. We are also blessed with many family members that help make it possible for me to drag myself into the gym on a daily basis. Thank you Gravel's, Joyce's, Pellerin's, and Lamarre's. And thank you to SB for providing babysitting!